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Crazy Japanese cfnm video with 3 hot business women jerking off man till he cums in a cup

3 clothed japanese women watch in amazement as they make man cum in a cup
hot and crazy japanese cfnm gameshow video3 asian girls smile and hold up a cup full of sperm

How is it that the Japanese come up with the most crazy game shows that really push the limits and just wouldnt be made in the west. Kobe surprise is japanese cfnm and for adults only and is just crazy, with hot asian babes doing the most weird and erotic things for some extra cash but they really have a good time with the experience.

This is definitely a crazy cfnm video with 3 hot secretary women approached on the street and talked into a little various erotic games which is all filmed. When introduced to the lucky guy who drops his pants the girls can’t help but laugh and one comments that its all covered in fur.. she’s not wrong, this guy certainly does not believe in trimming his pubic hair but still the girls warm up a little as they start to touch it and then stroke it, and one of the girls even encourages him by taking off her bra and showing her cute boobs.

All the girls take turns in jerking him off and making him cum into a small glass holder as they giggle and smile, saying that they can’t believe what they have just done! Totaly amazing and crazy cfnm video fun :)

Real cfnm stripper party with girls giving blowjobs in front of their friends

sexy drunk young girl at stripper party gives blowjob and gets facial as her friends watch

Its just amazing how normal respectable women in a group when confronted and a bouncing tockley turn into total penis obsessed sluts! Cheered on by their friends and with their husbands and boyfriends blissfully unaware, these girls have the time of their life with the crazy dancing bear cfnm parties. This is awesome stuff and its all totally real and unscripted.

All these drunk sluts going absolutely nuts for cock dangling in their faces that they just cant help themselves and these lucky male strippers get handjobs, blowjobs and sometimes these parties even turn into full blown orgies with a horny girl getting her brains fucked out in the middle of the room surrounded by her excited and approving friends!!

this is fast becoming my favourite style of cfnm videos so I recommend you take a look at the dancing bear parties and see some real horny housewives in action… This is cfnm at its best and is so much better than all the fake gonzo porn you see every day.

sexy cfnm video of horny schoolgirls molesting and milking helpless delivery boy

In this cool and crazy cfnm video we have Sister Stacey teaching a class on male anatomy to a class of impressionable and horny schoolgirls. The girls are handed simple diagrams of a male penis and they laugh among each other. Just after Sister Stacy is called away to mother superiors office Jody arrives with a delivery for the class much to the excitement of the girls and they immediately begin to play with what to them is like a new and exciting toy.

the girls pull at him and run their hands over his body and chest and feel they could learn so much more from a practical lesson in male anatomy than the stupid school diagrams so one of the girls innocently asks Jody if he has a penis and if they can see it?? Even though Jody tries to to stop them they feisty girls soon have him free of his clothing and fighting for a turn to play and wank his now hard cock!

To add even more fun to their lesson one of the girls wonders what will happen if she takes off her top and thrusts her boobs in helpless Jodys face!! The result is an explosion of cum everywhere as the girls squeel in excitement at the results of their work. Another awesome story driven cfnm video that i just added to my favourites folder of my hard disk ;)

horny schoolgirls molest and wank delivery boys cock in this crazy cfnm video

21st birthday party bash in the office with the dancing bear strippers

shot haired brunette gets a facial from male stripper


I really love girls with short and this one was just so pretty and fresh faced.  In fact she is just turning 21 years old and today and all her caring wo workers in the office decided do something extra special for her and surprise her with the gift of penis.  We waited till the office was closed for the day and they asked the birthday girl Cindy to stay back as they had an assignment for her.  The poor girl couldn’t believe they were asking her to work overtime on her birthday but little did she know the treat she was about to receive!

So then the dancing bear stormed in the office and started playing out dancing music and you should see just how cindys eyes light up at the awesome display of male nakedness unfolding in front of her.  The room was electric with horny business ladies taking out their stress and frustrations of the corporate workplace on the big stripper dicks in front of them.

There was no shortage of accomodating mouths in this office and the guys had fun sticking their cocks in all of them, the girls were indeed very appreciative but the special treat was saved for the birthday girl who led one of the boys into the toilets for a more intimate showing.

A couple of the other girls noticed this a followed her in where they watched the birthday girl getting fucked by the dancing bear himself.  Surely there is no better present a young lady could receive!


hardcore cfnm video of woman giving a lesson in 69 to 5 girls

Heres a great cfnm sex scene from purecfnm, which is one of the oldest cfnm sites online and has the biggest collection of cfnm videos going back years. English girls with an amateur feel, purecfnm’s main strength is in the amazing inventive storylines they come up with for every scene and the fact that this cfnm site likes to see big packs of girls taking part in the cfnm fun, sometimes as many as 8-10 girls all take turns on one submissive male. This is playful cfnm and all the girls have a really great attitude and obviously love cock. its really such a turn on.

A bit more than just a handjob here as Kate conducts a sex lesson for 5 curious girls and gives a hands and mouth on demonstration on how the 69 position works with a real naked male she has bought along. As all the girls watching on in wonder as she sucks on his cock Kate tells them to look from behind her so that they can see how she is getting her pussy licked under her denim skirt!

When Kates sucks harder on his cock he cums all over his stomach and as all the girls watch on intently Kate amazes them all as she begins to lick up every single drop of his sticky cum!! Fuckn Hot as CFNM


CFNM video with kate giving and practical demonstration in how to give a 69 sex lesson

Crazy cfnm video in the courtroom with naked man stripped and punished

CFNM Plus is a new cfnm site with some totally wild action and the plus in the name is fitting as this is a cfnm site with a big plus.. More than just playful handjobs cfnmplus contains exciting videos of domination, face sitting, ruined orgasms and cfnm humiliation. Heres a great sample vid that takes place in a courtroom and our male defendant is accused of groping his young employees boobs. After video evidence is shown he is immediately found guilty and the judge orders his punishment to begin in the middle of court!

The women strip him naked and have their way with him as they enjoy dishing out his punishment and with his arms restrained they take turns to sit on his face and spank his bare arse for being such a bad boy. With all 4 ladies taking turns to masturbate him and stroke his cock the sentence doesnt seem so bad but just as he is about to cum the girls ruin his orgasm so that he can only cum slowly rather than explode out of his cock and he has no way to satisfy himself.

This site looks like very professional and is a great take on the cfnm niche with some of the hottest girls seen on any cfnm website. You can really tell a lot of effort has been put into all the scenes and the result it pretty awesome



CRAZY CFNM VIDEO in the courtroom with 4 girls giving a cfnm handjob

milfs challenge younger girls to a cfnm cum competition on random waiter

This rude cfnm video attempts to solve the question of who can really please a man better, pretty young chicks or experienced and sexy older ladies? Well in this episode that question is put to the test a competition erupts after the older ladies say that todays young girls dont know how to please a man properly and to prove their point they take charge of the unsuspecting waiter as he enters their room. The poor guys gets stripped and passed from one group to the other timing themselves while giving him a cfnm handjob to see who can make him cum first as he cries out that this is beyond normal decency the girls merely laugh and continue wanking his cock until he shoots his cum over one of the young girls dress. Today it seems that youth has won the race.

old and young girls compete in cfnm handjob race in this horny cfnm video

cfnm video with guy getting jerked off by 3 girls on a photoshoot

Jody is new model who just entered poppys photo studio for a shoot. hes asked to get changed and tarty poppy cals her 2 girlfriends to come over. Jody is a little anxious and embarrassed as he is photographed in her underwear but poppy moves fast and is soon taking photos of his bulge. When her girlfriends arrive Poppy explains that they need to take nude photos and poor Jody is very embarrassed as they pull down his pants to get a good look at his cock. The girls are impressed all three of them begin to play with his cock, gently stroking and teasing his hard cock. As the girls work and suck his cock it all becomes to much for Jody as he aims for teegans huge tits and cums all over them as all the girls cheer in delight!


cfnm video with girl taking photos of guys cock before making him cum

forced handjob cfnm video of girls forced to swap partners and give handjobs

This is a pretty cool cfnm story and video and it started as a classy night for these posh couples having a dinner party when they are interrupted by 2 cat burglars Francesca and Mia who burst in and armed with guns demand all their jewellery and money. The two female robbers then force everyone to strip and leave the girls in their underwear but things get really interesting when the girls are forced to swap partners. Very embarrassed but curious they start to play and fondle with a new penis but really get competitive when they are told that the first guy who cums can keep his possessions. The girls then concentrate on the handjob their giving more seriously and start stoking and wanking like crazy until nicola cries as cum explodes from her guys cock. however she is not happy at having to watch as her girlfriend Theo brings her own man to a satisfying orgasm of his own!

girls forced to wank thie girlfriends partners cock